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There are many differences between high school and college across personal, academic, social, and life.  How can students build skills to increase their college success?


Adulting is not only a cute word for a graphic t-shirt but a journey of maturity, independence, and responsibility. 


Over decades, I have seen students with strong academics and great expectations stumble and fall from not being prepared to live life on their own... even after repeatedly telling parents and family members, "I can't wait until I am grown" or "I am ready to live on my own."  


This training is for high school juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and college freshmen.  There is a separate session for parents to get them ready for their own transition as students prepare to leave home.  College is an event that changes the entire family, so let's prepare to transition successfully. 


There are many mistakes that can cost money, time, peace, and progress.  Avoid them  by getting proven practices that have helped thousands of students, parents, and family members.  


Help the youth and young adults you know and love reach their college goals of admission through graduation.  Give this as a graduation, birthday, holiday, or "because I love you" gift. 


College Transition Training (11th & 12th Graders + Parents)

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  • The College Transition Training is a two-session, interactive workshop with information, steps, resources, and direct support.  

  • Services and products are based on decades of expertise, professional experiences, research, and work with thousands of students, parents, and others.

    Though you may receive great benefits and reach college planning goals from working together, MGM College Services LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Your success is based on many factors including commitment, coachability, participation, and implementation. 

    Digital products such as templates, guides,  handouts, and membership access are non-refundable.

    Coaching services and courses include proprietary material. If you are not satisfied with them and can prove progress through materials and activities without results, refunds will given within 30 days of purchase. Send an email with documentation to  

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