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This is a 3 month coaching program for a two-group team (9th-12th grade student + parent) for college planning services. Enrollment opens twice a year, and spaces are limited. Payment plans are available, and no refunds will be given after 7 days in the program. Don't delay, wait, or waste time; these mistakes can cost money, opportunities, and peace of mind.

Almost 45 states in America have schools with greater than the nationally recommended counselor-to-student ratio. Also, more than 8 million students attend schools without any school counselor.  Many schools, often those in communities that serve high populations of students of color or under-resourced areas, have the greatest gaps in access, opportunities, and resources.  

What can parents do to make sure their children succeed and reach college and career goals?

Discover what, how, why, where, and when to do important items. Work with your teen while building bridges of support to increase results. To reach your college goals, MGM College Services brings nearly 25 years of experience, expertise, and resources that have helped hundreds of students and parents.

Let’s Work Together

Complete this application to apply for the 3 month College Coaching Program. 

Thank you for submitting an application for the College Coaching Program.
As soon as your application is evaluated, a decision and next steps will be sent.
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