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When students show interest in college, that is only the first step.  There are many things to consider: types of colleges, locations, paying for it, grades, timelines, scores, courses, financial aid options, majors, clubs, programs and more.  Wouldn't it be helpful to have help along the way?


Schools offer different levels of support for students' post-secondary (post-high school) planning.  These levels may also change from school to school or even across school districts.  


In fact, many schools are underresourced, overwhelmed, or overcommitted. This means even with great intentions, there are areas where students may not get personalized attention or what is needed to reach their individual goals for life beyond high school. 


This session is designed to identify top college goals and strategies for success. It is a great opportunity to start or continue college planning as a foundation to build upon or complement current work.  Meeting with the student and parent/guardian as a family approach to college planning reinforces support and increases results. 


By the end of the session, parents and students will have three specific, personalized steps to move closer toward college and shift from dreams to reality. 


College Strategy Session

  • Due to the immediate nature of this service/product, no refunds will be given for any reason.

    Once payment is made and date is secured, one reschedule can be made by the parent/guardian if done in writing and received at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. 

    The rescheduled date must occur within one week of the original session.  Otherwise, the College Strategy Plan session will be forfeited.

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